Corsham Community Centre

Notes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Monday 14th July 2014 at 8.00 pm.




Steve Hammond – Chairman                                                E Say – Member

Eve Hicks – Committee                                             Anita Burdon - Member

Roger Woodward – Committee                                  Mac McGlinchy - Member

Mary Gingell – Trustee                                               Chris Botwright - Member

Betty Godsell – Committee

Leslie Ralph – Committee

Steve Piper _ Committee




Peter Davis - President

Peter Ralph - Member


Opening Remarks


The Chairman opened the meeting and passed on apologies of the President who was unable to attend. He outlined the main purpose of the meeting which was to inform attendees of the CCA’s current situation and to decide the way ahead for the Association and so determine the actions required to be taken forward.


Status of the Association and Questions


The Chairman (acting treasurer) provided an update and review of the Associations current status. Obviously we are homeless! Finances as of today are briefly:


            Outstanding Monies owed;     EON Electricity Account ...    -£1,828.54

                                                            British Gas Account...             -£2,532.87


            Credit                                      Current Cash at Bank..             £3496.69                  

                                                Monies owed still due in approx..          £  600.00*


This clearly shows that the Association has completed its term in the Community Centre in good standing.


Further to the above disposal of the snooker tables and Some furnishings as well as the large radiators to metal reclamation was through Wilts council who have undertaken to reciprocate and close the electricity and gas accounts as the services are discontinued by them in preparation for demolition. This has yet to be confirmed but could mean that funds for dispersal could exceed £4000.


*Post meeting note: Money due in has been increased, following the meeting, by £450 upon learning of a further debt owed and is reflected in the figure above.


CCA main property items that were sold for funds were outlined:

items sold were to many different purchasers, the parquet floor and snooker room partition doors to Leominster Reclamation. (£1300.00) Chairs & Tables to Various, Till System and computer to Melksham Rugby Club, Glass washing Machine to Bristol, Jubilee Hall Floor(£100 donation), kitchen equipment to British Legion Club, refrigeration display units and bar furniture to Various. All receipts for sales were to the CCA bank and are included in Credit heading above



Following a brief discussion of possible options the Chairman proposed that:


the Corsham Community Association, being unable to meet or address its objectives as detailed in the CCA Constitution, be wound up and closed in accordance with the procedure for doing so, as detailed by the Charities Commission’.


The proposal was seconded by Leslie Ralph and was put to the vote and carried unanimously.


It was also agreed that before notification to the Charity Commission and subsequent final closure of the Association the Committee would meet to review and agree the final accounts. It was noted that agreement of the Accounts are a prerequisite to disassociation and closure. It was also agreed that Members are also to be invited to attend that meeting.


Disbursement of Funds


In accordance with the Charities Commission requirements for disestablishment the Association must, by Law inform, inform them and provide them with all the required relevant information. This includes clearing all debts and liabilities and winding up in accordance with our governing document. The CCA Constitution does not detail how the CCA should be wound up or how the balance of funds should be disbursed so after discussion of various possibilities the following was proposed by Betty Godsell:


            ’that the balance of the CCA funds, remaining after all debts and liabilities have been cleared, be divided into two equally and each part be donated to Dorothy House and MNDA’


The proposal was seconded by Eve Hicks and was put to the vote and carried unanimously.




There was no further business for discussion.


Closing Remarks


The Chairman thanked Peter Davis, on behalf of all the members of the Association, for his many years of commitment to the CCA in many guises but most notably as our President for many years past. He noted also the very many years that Betty had served the Social Club and the Association Committee and thanked her, along with all past Committee Members whose input has been invaluable. Also thank you to all Custodian Trustees past and present who have kept an eye on us in committee. A thank you was also due to all the members who have had to endure the gradual deterioration of our facilities and services as cost savings had constricted us in the fight to remain open to the end of the Community Centre’s use.   He said that although it is a very sad day it could also be a proud one for all of us, as the Association has come to a premature but good end.